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Susanna Maier

Susanna Maier

Civic Tech & creating innovative platforms for politics / Founder Vote Rookie

A new digital project to incentivize young non-voters to engage with politics

Together with service designer Charles Ikem we are currently developing a new platform that will motivate young people to get involved with politics and civic engagement. We are looking for passionate people to join us as ambassadors as well as citizens who want to chime in with new ideas and features that you think our new platform should have.

Some alarming background information if you are not convinced yet to come on board – a recent study over non-voters by the Knight Foundation „The 100 million project“ shows that there is one group which is less interested and informed about politics, the 18-25 year olds. Is it really true that the generation shaping our future are the least engaged with politics? According to the study, this group consumes a lot of social media but barely the news. And the study found that in general “non-voters feel (and are) under-informed on political issues.”

Here we listed three main challenges that we need to overcome in order to reach out to a new generation of potential voters. If you have more ideas in mind, please comment below.

1. We want to help young people understand how they can make their voice count

Young citizens can often not relate to political discourse because it is not clear how political decisions impact their daily life. Understanding how the complexity of international or local politics affects your personal life is not something you can easily derive from the news or social media. We need to discover which kind of education and information do young people need in order to understand how they can make their voice count?

2. We want to test if gamification and a more playful approach to politics can increase engagement

By including elements of gamification in our pilot we will explore if this increases civic engagement and a general interest in politics amongst 18-25 year olds.

3. We want to develop a tone-of-voice and use creative technology young people love and can relate to

Probably one of the biggest challenges for us is to develop a tone-of-voice that the young generation can relate to. This includes using creative technologies that young people enjoy in their daily life – this means creating engaging videos, data visualizations and the integration of technologies like virtual and augmented reality.

Do you want to join our mission?

We would love for this digital democracy project to grow! We are looking for ambassadors that are planning to join us from all across the globe. It’s an urgent matter, so please spread the word, share your stories and become involved.

Would you like to join us in this new adventure? PM us or comment below.