„Colobus pioneers innovative ideas“

„Susanna Maier brings her passion to Colobus Creative, pioneering innovative ideas and executes meticulously to create new products with a high impact. Colobus Creative builds imaginative solutions for complex problems with a profound strategic approach and user experience mindset“ – Andy Goldstein, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Deloitte Digital GmbH, Co-Founder[…]


Digital Marketing and Social Media Consulting

Colobus Creative, based in Berlin, is a digital marketing and social media consultancy. Guided by passion and love for design, Colobus Creative delivers unique content strategies and connects brands with the right audience.


Digital Democracy startup

Socially responsible millennials and Gen Z are increasingly frustrated by complex public policies and do not know how they can make their issues heard. This project aims to develop a democracy app which will empower millenials and Gen Z to participate and engage with local policies and governmental decisions that[…]


Brand Strategy

Establishing brand identity, consistency, user engagement and brand awareness in a noisy world.


User Experience design

User research and user experience design for technology platforms. Understand user behaviour and future customer on all possible touchpoints.

a completed map for (athens) at city north campus

Content marketing

Curated content strategies across all channels. Editor for the Kindle book „2030 Driverless World: Business Transformation from Autonomous Vehicles“ by Sudha Jamthe, Stanford  University CSP Instructor, IoT and Artificial Intelligence expert.